Smock dress

Children look nice in whatever you dress them. And if we smoke then even nicer. Smocking is a type of embroidery in which the elastic is inserted and the material is collected. Smocking works in place of buttons and other fasteners.

The apron-style clothes are one of the most comfortable clothes to cover all the imperfections of its splendor and its curls. It is a favorite of many women, simply because it covers a large number of implications, from the voluminous thighs to the mother’s tummy.

Baby girl smocked dress, ] is ideal because it takes the shape of the body and the dress with the gowns for a little more time than for another solid dress. Because it can stretch and adapt to the growing baby.

The apron also keeps the baby comfortable giving him a maximum withdrawal to move, twist and have fun with his baby. As this style can be done wherever it is needed, either in clothes or trousers, it has become a favorite among parents.

Aprons, however, are a little more expensive than other simple clothes because they take more time to work and are more often cut by hand. Also, because baby clothes are small, soft and flexible hands are needed to complete the dress.

However, if you like embroidery, take a small sewing machine and a gown over your favorite colors and materials. Sign up for any sewing class or there are many books and information on the net to get you. Practice a little and soon you will be a great tailor.

However, you should notice the fabrics on which you can dress. For example, without bristles or Georgette, without falls or soft tissue. Cotton is the best choice, cotton mixes with polyesters and also another blend works. The material must be a little stiff to contain the embroidery.

Smocking never goes out of style. So you can sew clothes with the smock model for many years and it will always be beautiful and beautiful.

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